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Not So Dynamic Updates

Typically when a network is under my control, I like my servers to have
static IPs. Whether the IPs are truly static (hard-coded into network
configuration files on the host) or whether I configure a DHCP server to make static
assignments, it’s far more convenient when you know a server always will have
the same IP. more>>


Researchers Demonstrate Hack by Heat

Malware could pass data and commands between disconnected computers without leaving a trace on the network. 


Flexible Access Control with Squid Proxy

Large enterprises and nuclear laboratories aren’t the only organizations
that need an Internet access policy and a means of enforcing it. My
household has an Internet access policy, and the technique I’ve used to
enforce it is applicable to almost any organization. In our case, I’m not
too concerned about outside security threats. more>>


Security in Three Ds: Detect, Decide and Deny

Whenever a server is accessible via the Internet, it’s a safe bet that
hackers will be trying to access it. Just look at the SSH logs
for any server you use, and you’ll surely find lots of “authentication
failure” lines, originating from IPs that have nothing to do with you
or your business. more>>