Finally the development on the Linux Counter is done. Now comes the new features!

Yes! Finally it is done! I’ve just finished the last things on the development of the NEW Linux Counter! Everything seems to work like a charm, no bugs reported, no problems, nothing.

So now I start with implementing NEW stuff. For example the detail pages for the cities and countries. So when clicking on a country you’ll get information about that country, but also a list of users and machines registered in the cities of that country. Then when clicking a city, you get informations of that city… and so on. This is not so very easy, because this needs some major changes to the database structure because of the privacy settings of each user.

Another thing I want to implement is the rest of the API. All statistics should also be available through the RESTful API. Actually you only can manage your machines through the API.

And last but not least, I also want to implement some kind of managing console or managing interface for some people building a team of “country managers”. Like in the good old counter on counter.li.org there also was such a thing. There were country managers that were responsible for their country and they had the power to administer their country, the cities in their country, the users and machines. But this is a nice to have and will get implemented when everything else is done.

So stay tuned and come back to this project every few days. I promise there will be new stuff on every visit. g

I really hope you all enjoy this revived project and like it. Unfortunatly I still get no response from you. No questions, problems or feature requests and even no good and nice words about the hard work. So I have no clue if I’m on the right track with all the things I’m doing for YOU.

I really would appreciate some reactions on the relaunch of the project and especially some feature requests.

Best regards



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