The Linux Counter needs YOUR help for developing the Android APP!

Since I’ve completly rewritten the whole project, including the API – which now is a nice RESTful API – the old Android APP for the Linux Counter is not working any more and got removed from the Play Store some weeks ago.

I’m of course able to develop such an Android APP, as I’ve also developed the first APP, but I definitly have not the time to do so.

Thus, I’m now searching for an android developer who is willing to create such an APP for the Linux Counter. The Code of this APP has to be licensed under the GPL v3 of course and has to get developed through Github. The developer of this APP will become a member of the Linux Counter team. He will get a copyright entry in the footer of the Counter Project and an own email address. We also can surely talk about further benefits like some webspace on our server or whatever.

The new APP should reflect the look and feel and the design of the Linux Counter Project and it should have a modern and smoothy interface. It should be able to scan the Android device for the information needed for the Counter and it should be able to show these information before sending to the Counter.

The new APP surely has to respect the new API, that means, the user must be able to setup his APIkey. Since this would be very messy with a small smartphone (the APIkey is a 32 chars long string), it would make sense to setup the APP with the User counter number and his password instead of the APIKey. The APP then has to ask the counter for the APIKey (I’ll add this to the API soon).

Also see the API documentation here.

The new APP may also be able to browse the statistics, as I’ll add the appropriated GET requests to the API soon, but this would be a nice to have for the APP.

So, if there is somebody who is able and willing to develop such an APP, please contact me via email to info@linuxcounter.net or via the contact form on the Counter.


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