Official Linux Counter Android App (re-)released!!11one

Hey there!

I know, I’ve asked you for help me with this App, but I really don’t want to wait until Christmas next year until one has the time and is willing to do this. So I’ve now done this by myself.

I’ve just (re-)released the new version of the official Linux Counter Android App to the Google Play Marketplace! This new App is a remake of the old one and works just exactly the same way, except for sending the data. It now uses the new RESTful API of the new website of The Linux Counter Project.

There is still one single problem with the App: It runs completely silent in the background and you won’t ever see it, except for the very first start. I’m planning to add a sticky notification so that you see if it is running or not.

Get and install the new version here


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  1. victorhck

    Hi !
    Why not offer this App from F-Droid repo too? Would be great..

  2. Andreas Mueller

    Android App says data sent but no data for machine id on the linuxconter webseite!

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