Wow! The SEO stuff I made is VERY successful!

Hey there!

I just want to announce, that my SEO stuff is very successful!
I have started with SEO two months ago with an alexa global rank of about 1,900,000, a Google pagerank of 2 (IIRC) and a Google search position for the searchstring “linux” of way below position 200.

Since then, I’ve done many, many things to optimize this, including the optimizing of the texts on the Linux Counter page, the source code structure, the sitemap, the blog and many more.

Today, about 2 months later, the Linux Counter has reached an alexa global rank of 597,000, a Google pagerank of 5, and, and this is the really fantastic news: a Google search position for the string “linux” of 23!

The result also can be seen in the website statistics in Piwik and google analytics. The number of visitors are greately increasing.

My personal goal is a search position for the string “linux” better than place 20 and an alexa global rank of better than 400,000. So lets wait and see what happens in the next weeks.

For now I want to thank you all for your support by registering an account and one or more machines! This is really great and this way we can provide really good statistics.

But you can do more to help.. you may be an android developer or a web developer and maybe you also have the time to look into my android App or into the linux counter code. If you have anything to do better or to fix, please submit a pull request on github!

There is still one more thing you can do to support the project: there is still a SSL certificate needed for the Linux Counter API (api.linuxcounter.net). It would be great to get the money to buy one. You can donate some small money here: https://www.linuxcounter.net/donations


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  1. apeekaboo

    Good work!

    I’ve had an account since 2001, and this project have come a long way since then. I remember being a proud Linux Counter user, because back then Linux was still not widely spread.

    Unfortunately the old update script (relying on email) didn’t work so well, and I had trouble updating my machines, and as time went on, I forgot about the Linux Counter…

    I’m really glad you have kept the old accounts from back then, because my old login still works. All my machines have internet connection and the new bash script is working superb! The new site looks great as well!

    I can really appreciate your hard work with this project, and I’m eager to get all my computers and devices counted.

    Thank you for all your effort!

    • Alexander Löhner

      Hey! I really, really appreciate your warm words! They are really rare these days and your words are exactly the reason, why I’m doing this all!
      Thank you very much!

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