SEO stuff – New Toolbox added – Downtimes – and more…

Hey there! Some days gone by and here is the latest update on the SEO stuff I am doing:

Actually the Linux Counter has reached the position 19 on Google when searching for “linux“. That is fantastic! The global traffic rank on Alexa now is at 546,599 which also is very amazing! Compared to the time when I have started the search engine optimizations (search position at >= 150, global rank of >= 1,900,000), this is a very great step to become a really popular and huge project.

I have decided to provide some more services with the Linux Counter. For this I have added a new menu to the top navigation: “Toolbox”. There I will add some cool stuff a linux administrator always needs. Actually there already is a huge overview and descriptions of all often neede Linux commands.

Yesterday morning we again had a downtime of about three hours from 04:30am CEST until 07:30am CEST. We are still searching for the reason for this. We already have checked the memory and upgraded the BIOS, without any success. The problem is, that the server simply completely freezes randomly every few days, without any relevant log entries. When this happens the remote console from the IPMI interface also does not help anymore. It also is not useable then.

Well, we are still investigatin this problem and hopefully find a solution soon.

See ya!

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  1. kaarlows

    It’s been a while I didn’t visit my counter, although I’m very long time registered user on it (#339936) and I use it in my personal e-mail sig.

    I must say I’m impressed with the new site and specially with the very useful ToolBox section. It’s a nicely compiled cheat sheet for general *Nix use.

    Wish you much success and congrat you for the nice work done so far.

    • Alexander Löhner

      thanks a lot!

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