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Lucid Sleep Support Is Being Worked On For The Upstream Linux Kernel

Chrome OS supports “Lucid Sleep”, which is a mode of allowing the system to carry out various tasks while the system is in a low-power mode or even suspended, and similar to Microsoft InstantGo. This feature, which allows for tasks like checking of n…


Does DevOps hurt or help security?

LinuxSecurity.com: There is a firmly held concern in security circles that the automation associated with DevOps moves too swiftly, that security teams and their tests can’t keep up, that too many of the metrics measured focus on production, availabil…


Congress, Crypto and Craziness

LinuxSecurity.com: Crazy is never in short supply in Washington. Through lean times and boom times, regardless of who is in the White House or which party controls the Congress, the one resource that’s reliably renewable is nuttery.


500 Server Error when resetting password -> Need HEEELP!

Hello All! Several peoples already has reported the same problem: 500 Internal Server Error, when trying to reset their password. The strange thing: Locally everything works like a charm also in production mode and with exactly the same configuration (and versions of PHP, etc…) Everybody who has a little bit of knowledge of Symfony2 may be […]