Todays downtime from 07:20 – 13:45 CEST | Thanks to FirstColo and Raid1

Hey all out there!

Today the linuxcounter was offline from 07:20am until 01:45pm CEST because of the crash of one of the two SSDs.

After an update yesterday evening I decided today in the morning to reboot the server, because there also was a new kernel available. Unfortunatly I only got the busybox initramfs prompt with many mount errors above the prompt.

I immediatly wrote an emergency ticket to the ticketsystem of our Hoster First Colo and they were really fast in investigating and fixing the problem. Most of the time of these 6 and a half hours was copying the backups from the rescue system to my local computer. After the backups were copied, they have replaced the corrupt SSD with a new one and the system came up again without any problems. After recovering the RAID1, everything was normal again. Luckily no need for backups, this time… 😛

But, now you guys see why we would urgently need some redundancy for the Linux Counter Project.

So please consider to support us and donate some few money for us to be able to buy some more hardware.

You can donate to the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe here, or you may choose one of the other methods for donating some money here.


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