The Linux Kernel Fun Statistics will change!

Hello all!

you already may know our Linux Kernel fun statistics here.
Actually we are only counting real code lines for the lines of codes statistics. That means, the statistical numbers in that LOC chart are much lower than everybody is speaking about. Actually the new kernel version 4.2rc seems to have about 20 million lines of codes. Our statistics will only show a number of about 15 million lines of codes.

Since everybody is speaking about 15 Million of Lines of code in 4.0 and of 20 million lines of codes in 4.2, while our statistics are only showing about 12 million lines of codes, we’ll change these statistics soon.

That means that in the next days these chart will get purged and we’ll re-rsync all official kernel versions and re-count all lines of code again. This time with the comments and such, to reflect the same numbers as all are speaking about.

This will take about two or three days from the time the chart gets purged. We’ll write a new post, when it is done.


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