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Actually, since 2011, the project is maintained only by me, Alexander Löhner.  In the last weeks there were two guys that have sent some really helpful pull requests to the repository. But that was just like a small drop in the bucket. So I’m doing all the administrative, programming, supporting and fixing work alone on my own and thus, the project is growing very slowly and all the daily emails about lost accounts or passwords, questions about the existence of accounts and change requests for emails of accounts are also answered very slowly. Actually there is a delay of around 10 or 14 days until you would receive an answer.

So, the project status is still far from being finished. And any help would still be highly appreciated!
There are still some statistics missing, for example about the machines per city or country. There are also still some statistics and informations missing about the users and machines itself.

The RESTful API is also still not finished. There are all the statistical information missing. You still can only manage your own machines through the API, but you can not get the statistics from the API.

There are many, many bugs reported for the website, the lico-update.sh script and for the Android App.
You all can see these bugs in the github repositories here:

So it would be really cool and a great help, if you could fork the repository you want to work on or do some fixes and then send some pull requests.


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