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The Linux Counter Project was founded in September 1993 by Harald Tveit Alvestrand on http://counter.li.org. Since then it has collected a userbase of 563,752 registered Linux users and 157,855 registered Linux machines. The actual guess about the Linux users world wide is at ~80,600,000 users.

In 2011 I, Alexander Löhner, have taken over the whole project from Harald in order to revive it and to modernize it. Since then it has its own domains linuxcounter.net, linuxcounter.org and linuxcounter.com.

The peak of the most users online during 5 minutes was at 07/13/2015, 04:00pm (CEST). At that time, there were 142 users visiting the projects website.

Actually the website has about ~16,000 active visitors each month, which are browsing on ~123,000 pages of the project, which means the website actually has around 6 pagevisits for each visitor. The average time each visitor is staying on the projects website actually is at 4 minutes and 13 seconds. We have around ~78% of new visitors each month, ~22% are returning visitors.

Around 48% of the visitors are coming from english speaking countries, around 10% are coming from germany, 7% are coming from Brazil, 6% are coming from Spain and around 2% are coming from France.

44% of all visitors are using Google Chrome, 38% are using Firefox, 8% are using Safari, 4% are using Internet Exploder and 1% are using Opera.

Only ~50% of all visitors are on a Linux operating system. 30% are using Windows, 11% are using Mac OS X.


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  1. unknown user

    OMG 44% are using Chrome. ***chokes*** less than 1% on Tor

  2. Thomas

    like 😉
    go ahead …

  3. Cris

    Well, I an using Linux (LXLE) and Chromium browser (not Chrome). For some reason this page is scrolling slower than any other site I visited recently. Also, at higher zooms, the lower part of this form becomes invisible. Maybe you could switch on WordPress or Blogspot platform?

    • Alexander Löhner

      Hey Cris, this Blog already is wordpress… 😛

  4. Hugo

    I think the guess is very inaccurate. I have several Linux boxes and forgot about this counter. Also every Android has Linux running on it.

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