Current development status and bug fixing process

Hello out there!

You may have noticed that the development process and especially the bug fixing progress stagnates somehow a little bit since some weeks. I’m very sorry about this. The problem is, that I’m currently in the process of founding a little company and beside this, I currently also have some bigger health problems.

Be sure that I’ll continue the project and the development as soon as I have the time again to do so.

Many people are complaining about the problems with the cities and coordinates (ex. #45). This is a greater problem and I’m searching for a solution for this. I’m very aware of that the current implementation isn’t working properly and probably needs a completely other solution.

I really, really would appreciate any help you may be able to offer here! Maybe some cool ideas how to implement this city, region, country, coordinates thing in a better and working way… I also would be very happy about some help with the development and bug fixing itself. Maybe you can fork the repository, try to fix some things and then submit some pull requests? If you want to be a full member of the development team, which currently only consists of me, then I would be happy to give you full access to the repository.


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