Network failure 03-12-015

Dear LinuxCounter users,

Our provider, First Colo, had a network failure today noon. This is why the Counter wasn’t available for around half an hour.
Here’s what he says:

“we would like to inform you of a failure in our core network. From 13:01 UTC +1 there was a partial failure of our core switching infrastructure. This affected both data center rooms.

For redundancy in the network we use the Juniper Virtual Chassis technology. A Virtual Chassis member has passed no more packets shortly after 13:00 UTC +1, but was still a member of the cluster. The packages were still subjected to the switch even though they have not been processed.

Our technicians have removed the defective member and were able to restore the functionality of the network. We will now find out in close collaboration with Juniper, how it could come to this part failure.”


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