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Many, many months, at least two years have passed since I wrote my last article here. My last article was about the start of my transition. As most of you may know, my name before the transiton was “Alexander Löhner” (and before my last wedding it was “Alexander Mieland”).

Alexander Mieland has overtaken the Linuxcounter project from Harald Tweit Alvestrand in 2011, which was running until then on http://counter.li.org. He has created a completely new project from it on a new domain and with a completely new website and statistics. In September 2012 he married and changed his name to “Alexander Löhner”.

In October 2015, I started my transition and I wrote an article in one of the last newsletters, which explained what happens with me. For those, who has not read that article two years ago, here’s what I am:

I am a transwoman, a transsexual woman, who is on her way to become a real woman. I never was a man. Since my earliest childhood I always knew, that I am a girl. It took me about 43 years to find the heart and the courage to start my transition.

Now I write this new article to tell you, my very supportive and great users, what has happened in the past two years and where I stand now.

In January 2016 I started my psychological therapie, which is needed in germany to go the whole path until the final surgery. Since June 2016 I am doing my hormons-replacement-therapie and since november 2016 I am officially and in front of the law Mrs. Christin Löhner.

Since last friday, the 17th of november 2017, I also have the final appointment for my big surgery, which will happen in Munich in the end of january 2018.

If any of your want to know more about me and this path I am going, you may be interested in my blog, which unfortunatly is in german only: http://tgirl.r3y.de

I really apprciate your support and want to thank you all for your tolerance to stay with me and this cool project! Thank you all!


Best regards and kisses to you all!
Christin Löhner

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  1. scooter

    Your strength and honesty should be an example for anyone going through struggles in their lives, whether it is a struggle with transgender issues or just life in general. You represent strength in my eyes. I wish you the best in your final steps of your transition!

    • Christin Löhner (Linux Counter)

      Wow! Thanks a lot for your warm words and your support!!

  2. Cybe R. Wizard

    As always, good luck on your next step and great life all around.

    • Christin Löhner (Linux Counter)

      Heeyyy Cybe… one of my greatest supporter! Thanks a lot! 😉

  3. Michael #63506

    All the best for this final big step. May your dreams come true 🙂

    warm regards

    • Christin Löhner (Linux Counter)

      Hey Michael, thanks a lot for your warm and supportive words, thanks!

  4. Athanassios Bakalidis

    Your honesty and courage should be praised and admired. I wish you the best for this big final step. May you live many happy years and enjoy life the way you want it.

    best of luck

    • Christin Löhner (Linux Counter)

      Hey Athanassios, thank you very much for your support and your warm words! 🙂

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