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There’s just something about the fresh start you get with a new job. Both my
previous job and my new one began with the opportunity to build a new
infrastructure from scratch. In both cases, as is common with startup
infrastructure in its early stages, everything was to be built using Amazon Web
Services (AWS), specifically using its Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)
infrastructure. more>>


Secure Server Deployments in Hostile Territory

Would you change what you said on the phone, if you knew someone malicious was listening?
Whether or not you view the NSA as malicious, I imagine that after reading the NSA coverage on
Linux Journal, some of you found yourselves modifying your behavior. The same thing
happened to me when I started deploying servers into a public cloud (EC2 in my case).


Not So Dynamic Updates

Typically when a network is under my control, I like my servers to have
static IPs. Whether the IPs are truly static (hard-coded into network
configuration files on the host) or whether I configure a DHCP server to make static
assignments, it’s far more convenient when you know a server always will have
the same IP. more>>


Synchronize Your Life with ownCloud

Like most families these days, our family is extremely busy. We have four boys who
have activities and appointments. My wife and I both have our own businesses as
well as outside activities. For years, we’ve been using eGroupware to help
coordinate our schedules and manage contacts. The eGroupware system has served us
well for a long time. However, it is starting to show its age. more>>