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Securi-Pi: Using the Raspberry Pi as a Secure Landing Point

Like many LJ readers these days, I’ve been leading a bit of a
techno-nomadic lifestyle as of the past few years—jumping from network
to network, access point to access point, as I bounce around the real
world while maintaining my connection to the Internet and other networks I
use on a daily basis. more>>


Embed Linux in Monitoring and Control Systems

The target vehicle for this project is a vintage intercity transport bus (think
Greyhound) whose instrument panel was sparse and mostly nonfunctional.
The speedometer cable was twisted off some place back in 40 feet of
and the fuel sensor had sunk long ago. What I wanted was an instrument
panel more in line with modern practice.


Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been very popular among hobbyists and educators
ever since its launch in 2011. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized
single-board computer with a Broadcom BCM 2835 SoC, 256MB to 512MB of RAM,
USB ports, GPIO pins, Ethernet, HDMI out, camera header and an SD card
slot. more>>