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Network failure 03-12-015

Dear LinuxCounter users, Our provider, First Colo, had a network failure today noon. This is why the Counter wasn’t available for around half an hour. Here’s what he says: “we would like to inform you of a failure in our core network. From 13:01 UTC +1 there was a partial failure of our core switching […]


Todays downtime from 07:20 – 13:45 CEST | Thanks to FirstColo and Raid1

Hey all out there! Today the linuxcounter was offline from 07:20am until 01:45pm CEST because of the crash of one of the two SSDs. After an update yesterday evening I decided today in the morning to reboot the server, because there also was a new kernel available. Unfortunatly I only got the busybox initramfs prompt […]