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The Family Dashboard

I’ve written a little about PHP before, because I think it’s a great
utility language for writing quick things you need to do. Plus, it
allows you to use a web browser as your interface, and everyone has
a web browser. That makes it very convenient for my family, because I
can make simple web interfaces for the various things I normally have to
do from the command line. more>>


An Introduction to Tabled Logic Programming with Picat

Picat is a new logic-based programming language. In many ways, Picat is
similar to Prolog, especially B-Prolog, but it has functions in addition
to predicates, pattern-matching instead of unification in predicate heads,
list comprehensions and optional destructive assignment.
Knowing some Prolog helps when learning Picat but is by no means required.


Bash Collection – Server Health Monitor for getting quick information of server status

The last three days, I’ve created a small bash script that outputs some important server health information. I’m using this script for displaying the server health on my Raspberry Pi at home. I’ll buy one of these official 7 inch touch screen displays for the Raspberry Pi and then show these health information on it. […]


Bash Collection – Howto recursively replace file headers of source files

Gerhard Gappmeier has submitted a really cool and useful bash script, that he is using for years now. It is very helpful for developers. This scripts can replace file headers from C/C++/JAVA header and source files. Often it’s necessary to replace the license conditions in multiple source files, update the copyright year, or simply make […]


Bash Collection – Script to get the real amount of used memory of an application

The following script was written by me to be able to get the really used amount of memory for one single application. Since it isn’t that easy to get the used memory through “top” or “ps” or similar tools, this may be helpful for somebody. The output is in megabytes and looks like this:


Bash Collection – Script for cutting parts from large file

The following small script was written by me in order to be able to simply cut parts from very large text files. It is very useful for database administrators to for example cut the SQL statements for creating and restoring one single table from a really large SQL dump. For this you would need to […]


PHP for Non-Developers

After years of making it clear that I’m not a developer in just
about every article I’ve written here at Linux Journal, I do have a
confession to make. I can write the “Hello World” equivalent in almost
every programming language out there. In assembly, it might have been
“1+1”, but my lack of advanced skills should be evident. more>>


Days Between Dates?

Alert readers will know that I’m working on a major revision to my popular
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts book to come out later this
year. Although
most of the scripts in this now ten-year-old book still are current and
valuable, a few definitely are obsolete or have been supplanted
by new technology or utilities. No worries—that’s why I’m doing the


An Introduction to OpenGL Programming

OpenGL is a well-known standard for generating 3-D as well as 2-D graphics
that is extremely powerful and has many capabilities. OpenGL is defined
and released by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB).

This article is a gentle introduction to OpenGL that will help you
understand drawing using OpenGL.