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What’s New in 3D Printing, Part IV: OctoPrint

This is the last article in a four-part series on the current state
of 3D printing. In the first part, I gave an overall introduction to
differences in 3D printing since I wrote my original articles on 3D printing
three years ago. The second piece focused on advances in 3D printing
hardware, and the third column covered 3D printing software. more>>


Securi-Pi: Using the Raspberry Pi as a Secure Landing Point

Like many LJ readers these days, I’ve been leading a bit of a
techno-nomadic lifestyle as of the past few years—jumping from network
to network, access point to access point, as I bounce around the real
world while maintaining my connection to the Internet and other networks I
use on a daily basis. more>>


Bash Collection – Server Health Monitor for getting quick information of server status

The last three days, I’ve created a small bash script that outputs some important server health information. I’m using this script for displaying the server health on my Raspberry Pi at home. I’ll buy one of these official 7 inch touch screen displays for the Raspberry Pi and then show these health information on it. […]


Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been very popular among hobbyists and educators
ever since its launch in 2011. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized
single-board computer with a Broadcom BCM 2835 SoC, 256MB to 512MB of RAM,
USB ports, GPIO pins, Ethernet, HDMI out, camera header and an SD card
slot. more>>


Real-Time Rogue Wireless Access Point Detection with the Raspberry Pi

Years ago, I worked for an automotive IT provider, and occasionally we went
out to the plants to search for rogue Wireless Access Points (WAPs). A
rogue WAP is one that the company hasn’t approved to be there. So if
someone were to go and buy a wireless router, and plug it in to the
network, that would be a rogue WAP. more>>