Category: SysAdmin

Transferring Conserver Logs to Elasticsearch

If your organization manages Linux, AIX, HP-UX or Solaris servers
in-house, chances are your system administrators at least
occasionally need low-level access to those devices. Typically,
administrators use some kind of serial console—for example, traditional
serial port, Serial-over-LAN or Intelligent Platform Management Interface
(IPMI). more>>


MySQL—Some Handy Know-How

I recently was talking to someone over IRC who was helping me with a PHP
app that was giving me trouble. The extremely helpful individual asked
me to let him know the value of a certain field in a record on my MySQL
server. I embarrassingly admitted that I’d have to install something
like PHPMyAdmin or Adminer in order to find that information. more>>


Vagrant Simplified

I admit it, some tools confuse me. I know they must be amazing, because
programs don’t get popular by being dumb (well, reality TV, but that’s
another story). I have the same sort of confusion with Vagrant that I
have with Wine, Docker, Chef and countless other amazing tools people
constantly rave about. So in this article, I’m going to break down Vagrant into
its simplest form.


Bash Collection – Server Health Monitor for getting quick information of server status

The last three days, I’ve created a small bash script that outputs some important server health information. I’m using this script for displaying the server health on my Raspberry Pi at home. I’ll buy one of these official 7 inch touch screen displays for the Raspberry Pi and then show these health information on it. […]