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Unsupervised Learning

In my last few articles, I’ve looked into machine learning and
how you can build a model that describes the world in some way. All of
the examples I looked at were of “supervised learning”, meaning
that you loaded data that already had been categorized or classified in
some way, and then created a model that “learned” the ways
the inputs mapped to the outputs. more>>


The Family Dashboard

I’ve written a little about PHP before, because I think it’s a great
utility language for writing quick things you need to do. Plus, it
allows you to use a web browser as your interface, and everyone has
a web browser. That makes it very convenient for my family, because I
can make simple web interfaces for the various things I normally have to
do from the command line. more>>


Adding IoT Flare to a Hot Springs and Spa Business

As the folks at Bozeman Hot Springs usher their hot springs and spa into the 21st century
with new technology and pools, they are thinking about new ways to delight
their customers and stay top of mind. One recurring request,
no doubt from the avid skiing community, is the ability to read current
pool temperatures online, in the same way ski resorts publish current snow
conditions. more>>


GRUB Boot from ISO

Last year I worked on a project to add an OEM-style rescue partition to a
computer. Where most OEM installs have a custom program that just rewrites
an install image over the top of the partition, in this case, everything
was based on open-source software. more>>